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New Version V1.4.20 of EmbOrigin Cross Development Toolchain for eCos released

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New Version V1.4.20 of EmbOrigin Cross Development Toolchain released

New features:

  • Seamless integration of processor simulation QEMU
  • Oscilloscope debug view, a new eCos Kernel aware debug view




QEMU Processor Simulation

Our new eCos Cross Development Toolchain integrates the QEMU processor simulation. QEMU is automatically installed while toolchain installation. The usage of the simulator is as simple as debugging a real target. In the project's debugger configuration the QEMU target needs to be selected instead of JTAG interface. All further debugging steps are similiar as working on real target. Applications are downloaded and controlled by usage of  GDB source code debugger. Further QEMU can be invoked out from Eclipse. QEMU outputs (debug console) are redirected to Eclipse console window.

Oscilloscope View

eCos Kernel Aware Debugging Views were introduced already in a previous version of the cross development toolchain. Now we added a new view called "Oscilloscope View" to debugger views. This view is interpreting the data from eCos instrumentation buffer and is generating graphical data representation like a mixed signal oscilloscope.

This outstanding feature simplifies and accelerates the development of process control applications like motion controllers, PID controllers and other realtime applications



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